Traveling to Aburi Gardens

Aburi Gardens happens to be one of my favorite hide out spots, living in the capital city has it’s own sperks but you  would agree with me on how densely populated Accra is, in this context  “noise and air pollution “.

My first trip was in 2009 then subsequently in 2017,2018 and 2019. I excited each time i plan in going there.


You may be wondering why i keep going back right. It’s just for the experience and the fresh palm wine. You can’t go wrong with it.


The Aburi Township is our small London on the hill in the Eastern Region. Not far form the capital city. But let me give you heads up on what to expect

Accra Mall to Aburi Gardens             1 hour.

Madina to Aburi Gardens                   42 minutes. 

Tema Station to Aburi Gardens          1 hour 17 minutes.

The are estimated times solely dependent on when and where you set off and your mode of transportation. 


I was ready to stretch my legs on my friends dashboard with my afrobeat music selection ready for the road trip, interesting conversation and a good time. 

 The beautiful smooth ride from Accra up the  is undoubtedly soothing.  The best comes from the Eastern Region. The beautiful landscape, roller coaster ride up the mountain never gets old. But  to beat traffic at Adenta and Pantang Junction  you will have not set off early.  Although there’s a bit of a delay at the toll booth but it’s nothing 

The infamous bread sellers welcomes you upon reaching the toll booth.  You will get “butter and sugar bread” to buy. But what catches my attention are their names ” God is my helper, Afia bread boutique, sweet bread. Just to name a few. And also the plantain sellers. Do well to buy a bread.

The almighty Palm wine. Now trust me when i say you will find the best palm wine joints there, fresh and cold. Go early for the fresh one’s, at Peduase you will see them lined up ready to serve, very affordable i tell you. You can buy form 7 cedis to 30 cedis depending on the size of the bottle. I always buy when I’m up there.

The weather, such a cold place and be sunny now and start raining heavily in few seconds.  As it’s a mountainous area, Aburi is becoming a new place for settlers.  I entreat you stay over night to wake up to the dew and thick fog for the full experience 

The boiled maize or corn sellers, my second sought after after palm wine. From Peduase all the way up to the gardens you will see indigens busily arranging their corns in a pan to cook.  You can get on from 1 cedi to 2 cedi, it goes with dried coconut soaked in salt water. So delicious.      



Children below 6 years                      1cedi

Students ( 1st and 2nd cycle)          2 cedi.

Adults                                                  5 cedi.

Non Ghanaians.

Children below 6 years                     2 cedi.

Students (1st and 2nd  cycle)            5 cedi.

Adults                                               10 cedi.


Photoshoot ( Private)                     100 cedi

Photoshoot( commercial)              200 cedi

Video ( private)                             100 – 300 cedi

Video ( commercial)                     500 cedi

Lawn fee                                       100 cedi

They have a couple of on sight eatery privately owned with wide range of local dishes and continental dishes.  They also have a snack bar and juice and khebab sellers. 


Considering I’ve been there  3 times i had no need for a tour guide.  But they do have tour guides on ground to take you through. The second time i went with a Geography student of the University of Ghana Legon so he took me through.  But for a full appreciation i suggest a tour guide.  There are so many different species of plants and trees.  We walked through the garden to enjoy the fresh air and took as many pictures and sticks of khebab.  

It’s a child friendly place and not far from the Capital city  so no bother at all, again it’s a good start to introduce kids to nature and love for it.  The bamboo trees is so magnificent.  The African shop stand there is very affordable to buy form.


1. Power bank

2. Umbrella 

3. Snacks or food 

4. Comfortable clothing 

It’s an ideal place for 

1. Pinics

2. Group hangout 

3. Family reunion 

4. A vacation 

5. Wedding reception

6. Photoshoot 

And any form of outdoor event.

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Kakum National Park has always been on my bucket list for 3 main reasonsΒ 

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  1. Travel out of Accra 
  2. Walking on the 7 canopy walks
  3. Conquering my fear of heights 

My friend and I spoke about it,planned it, more like an impromptu trip to the Central Region precisely Cape Coast. 


Travel time

Before you decide on road trips or any sort of trip make sure you are aware of the duration, that way you can estimate when best to set off to  beat traffic and have more time to enjoy the facility.  So here are a few 

  • Accra to Kakum National park takes 4 hours 30 minute. 
  • Kasoa to Kakum 2 hours 42 minutes 
  • Cape Coast to Kakum 32 minutes 

This may depend on the time you set off. Taking into consideration the traffic at Budumburam or Liberian camp.

And also the time may differ based on your mode of transportation.  We went with public transport so the time was different. This time is different for those with private transportation.  So keep that in mind


So the build up to the trip was exciting so i knew for a fact i was going to have a lot of fun with my friend. Anyone whose used the Kasoa , Winneba – Cape Coast road will share my experience 

The annoying traffic at Liberian camp. Makes you start to wonder if it’s worth it. I mean there’s a traffic light regulating traffic but you will always get stuck. Can take up to 10 -15 minutes or more depending on the time.

The numerous table top ‘fante kenkey ‘ vendors.  Every region in Ghana has something unique about it when traveling.  In the eastern region on the Nsawam road we have the ‘ bread sellers, the fried yam and Chofi sellers’. In the Ashanti Region on the kumasi road we have the ‘kente stores, the traditional wear, the earthen wear sellers. At winneba you see a lot of them in the blue polyethylene bags nicely packed to attract buyers

The beautiful ‘Fante’ language, the people of Central Region speak Fante. As i said, we went with public transport so it was a mixture. People getting off at bus stops and some local indigenes on boarding and speaking the language.  It’s more like Twi but with a twist 

The road.  Now i won’t brag but the roads were that good. I mean once we got on the N1 form Lapaz throughout to kakum.  Was a smooth ride. Rare bumbs here and there but it was generally a good road.

The mini market and restaurant they had. We didn’t have to worry about food because they have a market and restuarant. We had plain rice with fish and fried rice with fish. Was so delicious, hot and affordable. 

PRICES So the prices were not too expensive because we had a fair idea of It 

  • Entrance fee – 2 cedi
  • Hiking ( primary forest 1 hour)   – 45 cedi
  • Hiking (secondary forest and mini water fall 1 hour) – 50 cedi
  • Canopy walk(  hiking 1 hour) – 62 cedi.

They have a restuarant so you can always get food there. Very delicious hot and affordable. 


So this is the part i loved most, so we made payments and had to wait for our tour guide. 

 His name is Mahama, a big dark guy ,jovial and very fluent. We were 4 on our tour, that is myself, my friend and two others.  We first of all had to wash our hands and sanitize.  All COVID-19 protocols were adhered to. Well the hiking begun smoothly but as we climbed i got more and more tired. My legs were shaking, i was panting hard and constantly had to stop to rest. Nothing prepared me for that hike so you could imagine. He gave us history of the place and the species of trees found.  Then the canopy came to sight. 7 levels and height. He went with us for the first 2 levels. I was so scared as the canopies shook each time the wind blew in the forest,  it was so quite that all we could hear were bird chirping.  But i had to be courageous. 

We were done with our tour in exactly 1 hour. Trust me i was terrified when we got to the fifth canopy, it kept shaking and those behind me were not helping matters. But in all it was a fun experience.  The hike down is so short and easy

Things To PACKIt’s a rain forest and can rain any day1. An umbrella β˜”2. A power bank3. Good footwear for the hikeπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ4. Comfortable clothing to hike inπŸ‘–πŸ‘•πŸ‘š5. Snacks πŸ²πŸ΄πŸ«πŸ’πŸ­πŸ’πŸŽπŸ’
You can take as many pictures as you like there, they also have a souvenir shop. The down side was getting a car from the park to cape coast.  But if you’re in a private car no hassle. You can go in groups or something. Just go have fun. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ί
Our tour guides number Mahama 0545912679

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